DoD Web Page

ASCII text files which may someday become HTML
What is the DoD? (ver 1.8.4) (Text version for emailing).
For the most current copy of the DoD List send email to "" or finger -l
There is also a motohead web page:

Why Lance Holst is a Jerk.
A list of DoD members from the DoD finger server, the DoD email responder and if that doesn't work, from a local file. album
Photos in alphabetical order
Recent photos
LA Biker photos

The Denizens of Doom Motorcyclists Buyer's Guide
bob pasker's motorcycle stuff buyer's guide

Other motorcycle related links
Gathering Speed - Tales of Motorcycles and Life
Thumper's page
Eric Gunnerson's page
Will Heyman's Motorcycle page
Cameron Simpson's Moto page
BMW page
MNDOD page
Jennifer Horsman's "still under development" page
Ken's bike page
Michael Nelson's list archive
Dan Brown's beer and bike page
Andrew White's motorcycle page
Ravi Narayan's motorcycle home page
Jim Small web page
Adam Curtin's Bikes Page
Adam's Andy Sparrow Page
Dan Dunphy's Web Page

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