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Spurious But Perhaps Useful?

What should be on the Denizens of Doom dot org and dot net site? I just registered the domain names to keep them from falling into the slimey hands of some squatter, but since I host web sites anyway, I figure why not put the domain names to work. I plan to at least feature a link to every functional DoD page I can find, but if there is interest, I would be happy to host services that would be of use to my fellow Denizens.

What services? For example, if the KotL would like, I can create a database of members to contain the same information that the member list now provides, but easy for the KotL to maintain and possible for visitors to search. For that matter, I could create mailboxes for any of the various Keepers, allow ftp access for the KotWitDoDFAQ, etc.

Fellow Denizens, please give me your ideas.

If you have not already found it, the Official DoD FAQ page is at:

(Well, it is as "Official" as anything associated with the Denizens of Doom can be...). Also, any emails concerning the official site should go to Sending email to this address will also get you your own free copy of the latest, greatest version of the DoD FAQ.

If you are after a DoD number

There are detailed instructions in the FAQ. There is a puzzle to solve. If the FAQ's URL to the photo archive does not work (you need it to solve the puzzle), use the link to Bruce Tanner's Web page over there on the right. The photo archive is there.

Some DoD links:

Here, in no particular order, are a few links to pages that at least refer to the DoD. If you have a decent DoD page, email me the URL and I will list it here.
Yes, folks, click on the above to visit reeky itself (assuming you have a news reader, and your computer knows where to find it). Beware! This newsgroup is not for children, sissies, or the faint of heart.
Speedy Mercer's DoD SuperFAQ
Speedy's SuperFAQ includes the DoD FAQ, a membership list, and at least 17 other gems, including the Llama Incident. His site also includes the Squid Purity Test and lots of other stuff many will find interesting. He also has a mirror at Fortunecity.
Bruce Tanner's Web Page
Includes the DoD membership list, the DoD FAQ, and the rec.mot photo album. Also the DoD Motorcyclist's Buyers Guide and some cool links.
Timberwoof's Motorcycle Page
His FAQ. Links! Info! Spagthorpes! The BMW R1100GS and Honda CB–1.
The Joust

What? Who? When? Where? This page has information on last year's or this year's Joust, depending on whether anybody knows the answer to any of the W's. The answer to "What?" is in the FAQ. If somebody needs a place to keep this year's Joust Page, let me know.

See photographs of the 2003 Joust at Stoney Creek taken by Randy Davis, Sean Schluntz, and Bill Jeppesen. Then promise yourself to go next year!

Road Glidin' Don's Reeky Member Pages
Sign up! Share yourself! Discuss! Take a survey! Upload your pic! See others' pics! Don's site is mainly intended for reeky ( users, but I am unaware of any restrictions to membership. IMHO, anybody who spends much time reading and/or posting to would enjoy hanging out here.
Cameron Simpson's DoD Page
Sure, there are a few 404s in his list of links, but he's got a hypertext DoD member listing and some other stuff worth poking through.
Seric's DoD Information Resource
A few links to DoD sites, and a page listing DoD patches, etc., for sale.
Gathering Speed
David A. Braun's site describing his book by the above title. Read here some tales from the book. Well worth a visit!
Dave Voorhiss's motorcycles page
Well, this isn't a DoD page per se, but he is a Denizen and I'm just happy to have found a DoD link that wasn't dead.
Randy Davis' Joust Pics
About fifty of Randy's pics from the 2001 Joust at Songdog.
Bikes of Reeky
A collection of photos of motorcycles and motorcyclists of reeky ( for your perusal. Submit yours! Maintained by Andrew Greenfield.
RMR Archive
The archives of the newsgroup (which may or may not have ever existed-- I sure can't find it). Quite a huge selection of reviews and images, all available via ftp. You can submit your own reviews (see the FAQ).


If you have a DoD- or site, and are worried about it going offline, give it a home here. That way, if your ISP goes belly up or you graduate from college, your site will live on. Just email me.

Bruce Tanner's Web Page
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